What’s New This Week?

Hey cats and kittens! Get ready to level up your experience with our latest arrivals across all Deanz Greenz locations! We’ve got something for everyone, from fresh flower strains to potent edibles and flavorful concentrates.

Big Newz! 

We are debuting DG Member Weekly Specials, a special item that will be 30% OFF, all week long, for DG Members only! 

30% OFF Mule Extracts Pineapple Mule Kicker! Monday 2/26 – Sunday 3/3! 

Speaking of Mule Extracts, you can enjoy all their goodies for 25% every Tuesday! 

Fresh Greenz : 

Sandy: Indulge in unique offerings like Guava Cream and Jar Jar Stinks, both available in 14g prepacks for $50 each.
Foster: Grab a 14g prepack of Tiger Cake for just $12.50, or snag a Jar Jar Stinks prepack for $50.
Division: Treat yourself to top-shelf selections like Golden Pineapple from Dank Bros, Blueberry OG from Alta Gardens, and more premium strains, all in Gold tier. Plus, score a 14g prepack of Mother’s Milk for only $20.

New Drops & Restocks:

Edibles: Sandy is stocked with a variety of delicious options from Herban Tribe and Gron, including 100mg THC beverages, Mega Pearls, and 1:1 CBN:THC and CBG:THC options.

Cartridges: Explore a diverse selection of cured resin and live resin/cured resin blend cartridges from Beehive Extracts, Buddies, Verdant Leaf, Afterglow, and Altered Alchemy.

Prerolls & Infused: Foster has you covered with convenient and flavorful pre-rolls from PDX Organics in various strains.

Extracts & Concentrates: Foster boasts a selection of concentrates from Tree Honey, Claywolf, Sessions, and Afterglow, including sugar wax, shatter, and cured resin.

Don’t forget:

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Fresh Greenz

🟢 Sandy
[$50] 14g PrePack – Guava Cream (IH)
[$50] 14g PrePack – Jar Jar Stinks (IH)

🟢 Foster
[$12.50] 14g PrePack – Tiger Cake (H)
[$50] 14g PrePack – Jar Jar Stinks (IH)

🟢 Division
Golden Pineapple [Platinum] Dank Bros
Blueberry OG [Gold] Alta Gardens
Purple Martian Kush [Gold] Alta Gardens
Supercharger [Gold] Alta Gardens
Sour Crown [Gold] Alta Gardens
Granimals [Gold] MillerVille Farms
[$20] 14g Prepack – Mother’s Milk (SH)

New Drops & Restocks

🟢 Edibles
[$26] Herban Tribe – Orange Juice 100mg
[$18] Herban Tribe – Sour Diesel Lemonade 100mg
[$18] Herban Tribe – Strawberry Lemonade 100mg
[$20] Gron 100mg – Blackberry Lemonade 1:1:1 CBN Pearls
[$6] Gron Mega Pearl – Lemonade
[$6] Gron – Tropical Twist Mega Pearl 100mg
[$9] Gron 100mg – 1:1 Blue Razzleberry Mega Pearl – CBG/THC
[$6] Gron Mega Pearl – Cherry Limeade
[$6] Gron – Sour Apple Mega Pearl100mg
[$20] Gron 100mg – Tangelo 2:1:1 CBC CBG Pearls
[$16] Gron 100mg – 4:1 Pomegranate Pearls
[$12] Gron 100mg – Raspberry Lemonade Pearls

[$36] Beehive Extracts – Elestial Quartz Cured Resin Cartridge
[$36] Beehive Extracts – Gary Payton Cured Resin Cartridge
[$36] Beehive Extracts – Black Cherry Garlic 1g Cured Resin Cartridge
[$36] Beehive Extracts – Candy Pave Cured Resin Cartridge

[$36] Buddies – BB #12 Live Distillate Cartridge
[$36] Buddies – Eden’s Apple Distillate Cartridge
[$36] Buddies – Cinna-Mints Live Distillate Cartridge
[$17] Boujee Blendz – Lemon 1g Flavored Liquid Diamond Cartridge
[$17] Boujee Blendz – Green Apple 1g Flavored Liquid Diamond Cartridge
[$24] Verdant Leaf – Bananasicle Live Rosin/Cured Resin Blend Cartridge
[$24] Verdant Leaf – Berry Squirt Live Rosin/Cured Resin Blend Cartridge
[$24] Verdant Leaf – Blueberry Slurry Live Rosin/Cured Resin Blend Cartr…
[$24] Verdant Leaf – Banana Kush Live Rosin/Cured Resin Blend Cartridge

[$20] Afterglow – Strawberry Shortcake 1g Flavored Distillate Cartridge
[$20] Afterglow – Double Yum 1g Flavored Distillate Cartridge
[$20] Afterglow – Cherry Bomb 1g Flavored Distillate Cartridge
[$24] Altered Alchemy – Gary Payton x Jealousy Live Resin Blend 1g Cartr…
[$24] Altered Alchemy – Candied Oranges Live Resin Blend 1g Cartridge

🟢Prerolls & Infused
[$9] PDX Organics – Panda Puffs 2pk Lit Stick
[$9] PDX Organics – Terply 2pk Lit Stick
[$9] PDX Organics – Apple Jelly 2pk Lit Stick

🟢Extracts & Concentrates
[$4] Tree Honey – Blurple Sno Piercer
[$4] Claywolf – Sour Lemon Rhino Wax
[$12] Sessions – Citrus Sun Cured Resin
[$12] Sessions – Gorilla Snacks Cured Resin
[$12] Sessions – Forbidden Frruit Cured Resin
[$12] Sessions – Purple Gorilla Glue Cured Resin
[$12] Sessions – Acai Sherbert Cured Resin

[$12] Afterglow – Rainbow Clouds Sugar Wax
[$12] Afterglow – Chocolatina Sugar Wax
[$12] Afterglow – GMO Pie Sugar Wax
[$12] Afterglow – Jager OG 1g Shatter
[$12] Afterglow – Layer Cake Sugar Wax
[$12] Afterglow – Valley Girl OG 1g Shatter
[$12] Afterglow – Blue Magoo 1g Shatter
[$16] Mana – Gas Cake Sugar Wax
[$16] Mana – Lemon Meringue Sugar Wax
[$16] Mana – Power Upz Sugar Wax
[$16] Mana – Turkle Badder