Happy New Year, Buddies! Let’s take a look back at the top 10 most popular strains of 2023 at Deanz Greenz, and see what’s new and exciting for the year ahead!

Top Strains of 2023


#10 Grapricot Pie from Pacific Grove

#9 Grape Diamonds from Bonfire Farms

#8 Grand Master Sexy from Urban Canna

#7 Gelato Cake from Urban Canna

#6 Dirty Lemons from Urban Canna

#5 Dirty Bananas from Urban Canna

#4 Champagne Showers from Urban Canna

#3 Boston Cream Pie from Urban Canna

#2 Bonfire Runtz from Bonfire Farms

#1 Apple Banana Soap from Urban Canna

Massive thanks to all our farms for their incredible strains! We’re looking forward to an even greener 2024!

What’s New This Week?


It’s the holiday week, so we’re taking it easy with just one new strain to feature, but it’s a doozy!

Golden Pineapple from Dank Bros is bringing the sunshine and good vibes we’re all looking for to kick off the New Year. This sativa-dominant strain has sweet, pineapple flavors and a happy, energetic effect that’s perfect for parties or just enjoying a relaxing day at home.

Online Only Special! 

With New Years Eve in mind we whipped up a Online Only Special to celebrate those good times! 

We’ve got a special online-only deal to help you celebrate New Year’s Eve in style!

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Let’s put a wrap on 2023 and enjoy the fireworks! See you next year!

Deanz Greenz