What’s New at DG!

Thanks for keeping up with us at DG, we have some news you can use!

We’ve got lots of fun stuff in stock, and we are excited to share it with you! 

New Products!

(Selection may vary per location)

  • Yamba Junk – Candy Floss
  • Yamba Junk – Sugar Doobs
  • Afterglow – Glowstix Flavored Disposables
  • Sun + Earth Certified – Sun Syrup – Natural Lemon Honey Tincture
  • Pulsar Discreet Batteries
  • Lookah Bear Batteries
  • Sandcastle Live Rosin Disposable
  • Dave’s Nutts Milk and Dark Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts
  • Canna Honey Elixer
  • Maples – Rosin Maple Syrup Hard Candies

Fresh Restocks!

(Selection may vary per location)

  • CannaCrispy Crispy Treats
  • Entourage Disposables
  • Garden First PreRolls
  • Rouge River Family Farms Rosin

New Flower!

New Flower! Sandy

  • Sugar Puss [Diamond] (Urban Canna)
  • Peanut Butter Breath [Platinum] (Oregon Roots)
  • Mox Ruby [Platinum] (Portland Cannabis Market)
  • Cheddar Cheeze [Platinum] (Portland Cannabis Market)
  • Slurty 3 [Gold] (The Dub Wholesale)
  • Jack Herer [Platinum] (The Dub Wholesale)
  • GMO (Diamond) (The Dub Wholesale)
  • Rainbow Belts [Gold] (HOODVIEW CANNABIS LLC)
  • Reign Man [Gold] (Portland Cannabis Market)

New Flower! Foster

  • Sugar Puss [Diamond] (Urban Canna)
  • Banana OG [Platinum] (Emerald Valley Wholesale)
  • Purple Taco [Platinum] (Emerald Valley Wholesale)
  • GMO [Diamond] (The Dub Wholesale)
  • Gelato 41 [Gold] (The Dub Wholesale)
  • Thunderclap #11 [Platinum] (Emerald Valley Wholesale)
  • Jack Herer [Platinum] (The Dub Wholesale)
  • Sour Treat [Gold] (Hunter Distributing)
  • Iron Lungs #77 [Platinum] (Emerald Valley Wholesale)
  • Peanut Butter Cheese Breath [Platinum] (Emerald Valley Wholesale)
  • Rainbow Belts [Gold] (HOODVIEW CANNABIS LLC)

New Flower! Division

  • Oregon Roots – Peanut Butter Breath [Platinum] (Oregon Roots)
  • Diamond GMO (Diamond) (The Dub Wholesale)
  • Rainbow Belts 3.0 [Gold] (HOODVIEW CANNABIS LLC)
  • Wedding Pie [Gold] (Cosmic Treehouse)
  • Gary Payton [Gold] (Cosmic Treehouse)
  • PBJ [Gold] (Cosmic Treehouse)
  • Northern Wreck [Gold] (Cosmic Treehouse)

Upcoming Vendor Days!

Higher Cultures : 30% OFF during their visit!
Thursday August 10th 4PM-7PM : Foster
Friday August 11th 9AM-11AM : Sandy
Saturday August 12th 9AM-11AM : Division

Price Drops & Sales!

Sand Castle Hash Co. Rosin – Was $44 Now $36!!!
DG Dabz – Was $15 Now $10.50!!!
Mammoth Labs Live Resin Dabs – Was $27 Now $18.90