New Flower Tiers and New Daily Dealz! 


We are changing the Flower Tiers to Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver

Diamond replacing Deluxe

Platinum replacing Premium

Gold replacing Mid

Silver replacing Economy

Next, we’ve got a new set of Daily Dealz!

Sunday :

25% OFF PreRolls & Bluntz

Monday :

20% OFF Edibles (including CBD Edibles, all Tinctures, RSO/FECO, and Drinks!)

Tuesday :

25% OFF Gold & Silver Shelf Flower
Wednesday :

20% OFF ALL Dabs (including Solventless)

Thursday :

25% OFF Platinum Shelf Flower & PreRolls

Friday :

25% OFF Bonfire Flower

Saturday :

20% OFF Carts

These changes go into effect the day after our huge 420 extravaganza! 



So to sum it up, the days for Platinum/Premium Flower, Dabs, and Carts, are basically staying the same. Plus we now have more flower dealz! 

Not to mention, we will still be keeping our ever popular Early Bird and Night Owl Specials! 

Thank you for getting your greenz at Deanz Greenz!