Absolutely gorgeous flower from Bonfire Farms up on deck at Deanz Greenz! Check it out, we have Apple Fritter, Apricot Crumble, GG 4, KC Sherbet, and Lemon Meringue.

The deal with Bonfire Farms flower is that it is highly tasty and aromatic, as well as being a high tester, as far as numbers go! For me I like to mix some of the fruitier flavored dabs we have into the fruity flower from Bonfire and give it a go in my Pax3.

I smoke this especially when I need to switch up my flavor profile from gassy strains that are very popular in my house, helps manage my tolerance by juggling those terp profiles! Am I nerding out too hard on this?

Lemon Merginue

KC Sherbet


Apricot Crumble

Apple Fritter